Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Boaz patrol officer stops mini storage burglary in progress; 1 arrested, second man sought

A Boaz patrol officer stopped a burglary in progress Sunday when he noticed a man with his pickup truck backed up to a unit at 205 Mini Storage on Main Street.

The officer checked and discovered the man's truck was loaded with items from a unit that did not belong to him and called for backup, according to a police report.

Jeffery Blane Logan, 51, of 1740 Mount Vernon Drive in Boaz was charged with burglary after officers called the owner of the unit to the scene and she verified the items in the truck belonged to her.

Officers also learned a second suspect had fled the scene as they arrived after 8 p.m., the report stated.

Items taken included church song books, a projector, music, antique Depression glass and boxes of photographs. The woman renting the unit verified other items are missing and those are believed to have been taken by the second suspect.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Asus Taichi Aussie availability announced

The dual-screen laptop-tablet fusion device will be out in Australian retailers from 21 January.
Asus Taichi

The Asus Taichi — first revealed back at Computex in June 2012 — is a dual-screen device, one of the many we've seen recently designed to work as both a tablet and a fully featured laptop.
We reviewed it recently, noting that it felt a little more experimental than we would have liked, but the overall user experience was positive.

Asus has now confirmed that the Taichi will be available from 21 January through JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Dick Smith Electronics, BSR, the Good Guys, Retravision, Radio Rentals, Costco and RT Edwards.

The pricing is AU$1599 for the Core i5 model and AU$1899 for the Core i7 model.

Source  http://www.cnet.com.au/asus-taichi-aussie-availability-announced-339342999.htm

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Cheap Laptops Centre Findings Show High Demand for Student Laptops Despite Difficult Conditions

The latest findings by the Cheap Laptops Centre show that student laptops are very much in demand despite the increasing demands on student finances. Students are currently facing a range of difficult conditions in order to complete their further education needs. This is especially true for those taking the difficult leap into University. The economic climate is putting increased pressure on student and parental financial resources - with a freeze on wages but increasing living costs from the family mortgage, higher utility bills and the increases in keeping the family car running.

Student finances are further strained by rising rental accommodation costs and now the significant increase in tuition fees. Despite these conflicting demands on resources, it seems students recognise the importance of being equipped with the right tools for the job and are wisely investing in a PC to support their educational aspirations.

Understandably, laptops are proving more popular than desktop PC, given the portable nature of the product, enabling students to make use of the asset in their rental accommodation, during their study periods as well as at home during term time holidays! This flexibility comes at a price with comparable specification of laptop models costing more the equivalent specification desktop.
Current popular models include the cheap Dell laptops on sale – the Dell Inspiron 15R and Dell Inspiron N range of laptops given the competitive pricing and balance of technical specification, price and customer support and warranty options on offer. Available also are the Toshiba Satellite Pro, Samsung Series 5, Acer Aspire and the Fujitsu Lifebook laptops.

Cheap Laptops Centre provides a wide range of laptops specifically targeted at the student laptops market with prices starting at only $385, with desktop PCs also available for students that require them. All popular brands are available including laptops from HP, Dell, Acer, ASUS, Samsung and Toshiba. Further, a price comparison facility for the latest tablets, laptops and Ultrabooks on sale in the UK from leading online electronic retailers, is available. The price comparison facility is just one of the features presented - there are user guides available for users requiring further advice or information before committing to a purchase.
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Friday, 14 September 2012

Google to rent Chromebooks for $30 per month

Despite the ongoing success of Android, elements in Google are still pushing Chrome OS aggressively. Consumers have yet to embrace the low-cost cloud connected laptops, but Google thinks businesses in particular could be persuaded to try Chrome. To those ends, Google is working with CIT to rent new Samsung Chromebooks for $30 per month.

Chromebooks have some appeal, especially when you need to add computing capacity quickly. There is no software to install or patches to run. Users just log in, and the entire experience can be managed from a web console. Google also includes 24/7 support. When a device is no longer needed, like when the political campaign season is over and all those temp workers leave, the rental Chromebook can be returned.

In the new rental program, the monthly cost goes down the longer a unit is deployed. After a year the charge goes down to $25 each month, and a year later it drops to $20. If portability is not necessary, a Chromebox can be rented starting at $25 per month. There is also a 3-year warranty on each unit, so you can swap them out if something goes wrong.

The program is apparently only open for a limited time, possibly as a trial run. Even if you’re not a business, you can get in on the fun. However, it’s fairly clear that Google is aiming this at businesses in an effort to increase the usage of Google Apps. With Chromebooks still selling for $400-600, a rental program makes a lot of sense.

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Source  http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/google-to-rent-chromebooks-for-30-per-month-2012096/